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Attorney Scott E. Rabaut is a Michigan native. He has a Juris Doctor with a bachelor's degree in sociology and criminal justice. He is a solo practitioner and licensed to practice in all Michigan State Courts and in the United States District Court: Eastern District of Michigan.

Attorney Scott's passion to practice law stems from growing up watching his father help individuals by protecting their constitutional rights. He believes every individual has a right to be treated fairly, has a right to a fair trial and is innocent until proven guilty. Upholding an individual's rights is something that has been instilled in him for his entire life.

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He has experience with prosecution and defense

Attorney Scott has an understanding of the criminal justice system from his education and from practical experience. He has:

  • Apprehended individuals while working in the area of loss prevention and asset protection.
  • Worked in the Macomb County prosecutor's office during a school externship.
  • Defended citizens while working in several private defense firms and through his own practice.
  • Supervised offenders through the Michigan Department of Corrections with the Macomb County Parole and Probation Department.

He's a member of:

  • Michigan Bar Association
  • Macomb County Bar Association
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM)
  • Young Lawyers Section (YLS)
  • TVC-Pro Trucking
  • Macomb Optimist Club
  • Sigma Chi
He's passionate about helping citizens by providing personal legal counseling and assistance in the community and throughout the state. Additionally, he works to help those who are struggling with drug addiction. He wants to get people the treatment they need through judicial system-sponsored programs.

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