Charged With a Probation Violation?

Charged With a Probation Violation?

Talk to a Probation Violation Defense Attorney in Fraser & Macomb County, MI

The Law Offices of Scott E. Rabaut can assist you if you’ve been charged with a probation violation. Attorney Scott is a trusted criminal defense attorney who has represented Macomb County, MI clients on probation violations throughout his career.

Attorney Scott has professional relationships with the probation departments and probation agents in the Metro-Detroit Area, and he knows how to prepare a robust defense. Call now to schedule an appointment with a criminal defense attorney in the Macomb County, MI area.

Take a close look at the probation violation process

The process of fighting a probation violation is similar to fighting any other criminal charge. Here’s what you can expect after you’ve been charged:

  • You’ll be arraigned in court—during the arraignment, the court will put the defendant on notice of what the violation is and the potential penalties they face if found guilty. The punishment for a probation violation is the maximum penalty for the underlying conviction the defendant is on probation for.
  • You can enter a plea—a defendant can plea to the violation or challenge the violation in a contested hearing.
  • You’ll be found guilty or acquitted—a defendant is found guilty on the violation or acquitted. The defendant is sentenced if found guilty.

Contact the Law Offices of Scott E. Rabaut right away if you’ve been charged with probation violation in Fraser, MI or the surrounding Macomb County area. Attorney Scott will examine your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action. Make an appointment today.