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Learn How Expungements Work

If you were convicted of a felony offense or two misdemeanor offenses, you may petition the convicting court to set aside the felony offense. If you have more than the maximum felony or misdemeanor charges, you’re not eligible for felony expungement. If you’ve been convicted of two misdemeanor offenses or fewer and have no felony convictions on your record, you can petition the court to expunge your misdemeanor convictions.

There are several types of criminal convictions that can’t be expunged, such as:

  • Convictions with a life sentence
  • Convictions related to children
  • Convictions related to criminal sexual conduct
  • Convictions related to traffic offenses

The expungement process is complicated. That’s why it’s important to retain a trusted criminal defense attorney who’s well-versed in criminal law and expungement requirements. Call the Law Offices of Scott E. Rabaut today to schedule an appointment. Attorney Scott serves Fraser, MI and the surrounding Roseville, Fraser & Macomb County, MI area.

Attorney Scott will simplify the expungement process

There are five main steps in the expungement process that must be completed before you can appear in court:

  • An expungement application needs to be completed, signed and notarized
  • You’ll need a copy of the certified conviction
  • You must get fingerprints taken
  • You will file an application and motion with the convicting court
  • The Michigan State Police, State Attorney General, and convicting prosecuting attorney’s office must all receive a copy of the petition to set aside a client’s conviction.

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